Sunday, February 1, 2015

My baby is THREE!

Oh man I have way too much to say about my sweet little kenna girl! Between her great big bear hugs to her love of  sweet eskimo kisses! McKenna is so affectionate and kevin and I adore it.

  In the past few months daddy has had to take over bedtime 100% because I just can't resist her;"mama cuddle me please!" or "mama sleep with me, I love you!" sneaky little girl knows the way to my heart and that I can't say no to sweet cuddles...meaning I have spent many a night cramped up in a twin bed with McKenna and Brooklyn. once I give in to one the other needs cuddles too, and I'm ok with that.
  McKenna also has a new found love for "softie blankets" especially the one I have slept with almost every night for years...She has figured out a way to completely steal it from me! And now will only go to bed if she has it... see also I'm sleeping in a twin bed with two girls currently! Pretty soon I will just have to suck it up and by another.

She loves enja turtles (ninja turtles ) and Doc McStuffins, ohhh Doc! the girl is obsessed.

Kenna girl also loves her babies (named; Punkin, Sugar and Rainbow) yes, she knows their names and can tell them apart! The girl is also a Paw Patrol lover! We have them all. Oh we can not forget the stuffies, a few of her favorites are...Pretty Kitty, foxy, clifford, and crusty pup, oh yeah she named them too!


Her favorite colors are green and blue, she flips back and forth daily, I love that the colors she loves are not the typical girlie pink.

Also lately She has started saying "I love you bigger than the moon", a play on the saying "to the moon and back" My heart swells and I get to reply back "love you bigger than the sun" silly I know but... She is so sweet!

Here lately Kenna has become more and more picky on her clothes! She loves Dresses, Boots, her fur "softie" vest and footy pajamas..any mix of these makes for a very happy girl.


   McKenna HATES brushing her teeth! Its a battle for Mama in the morning and daddy at bedtime but to my surprise she loved the dentist and she had ZERO cavities at her last appointment 1/21/15  (making our tiny battles worth it)

  Another thing McKenna hates, all fruit and mashed potatoes! (no joke she straight up gags at the smallest bite of potatoes) but she loves her veggies and would rather peas, broccoli or corn on the cob any day.
  Her morning breakfast routine is pretty set, rotating through, greek yogurt with granola and pecans, oatmeal with honey, and eggs all with milk. THE GIRL IS PICKY! she gets it from her dad. Her other foodie loves are; pepperonis, roast beef, hot dogs, hamburgers, seriously her dad!, french fries, and BLACK BEANS the beans are her go to snack. Given the choice McKenna will choose a "Barbies sandwich" (also known to us as an Arby's sandwich) for lunch.
  Mckenna has grown and changed so much in this last year, I almost can not remember having a tiny little baby! My life revolves around this thoughtful opinionated little girl, and her sister. She is so sweet and smart, determined and stubborn, and definitely has thoughts and opinions all her own!

   I love you and your amazing little personality McKenna Grace!

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