Sunday, February 1, 2015

McKennas Birthday Party

My sweet Kenna benna turned three! can you believe it? It only seems like yesterday I was calling kevin to let him know he needed to head home early from work.

This year Kenna's birthday fell on Superbowl so it seemed only fitting that we had a super bowl party. Honestly McKennas party was super low key, we just invited a few of our neighbors. While the men watched the Superbowl the wives and children spent the day playing "Superbowl" themed games and snacking.

Our sweet girl was spoiled with love from our dearest friends, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

In keeping with Kenna birthday tradition I made her cake. She was so proud of mama's cake!
 Who knows it may be an every birthday thing.

 MY little birthday girl!

 Sister lovies
The love that these girls have for each other makes my mama heart swell.
 They are each others best friend, the first person they look for in the morning, or after school, and the last person they want to kiss good night to.

 Because family is so far away Skipe saved the day and allowed Kenna to have her favorite cousins, Eli and Tate, and Nana and Papa there to sing happy birthday and help blowout candles.

 One late night present from Nana and Papa.

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