Monday, February 2, 2015

For the Birds!

While I may be snuggled up freezing currently, last week we had several days of glorious sunny warm weather! (Texas for you, sheesh!) The girls and I took full advantage, staying outside until it was too dark to play and finally making it out to feed the ducks, I had only been promising to do so since september!

So with a bag of popcorn we headed to the ducks first thing after picking up Brooklyn from school.
(I have since learned that popcorn/bread is not good for ducks! next time we will have a more duck friendly snack)

Both Girls Were in heaven and the birds were so used to visitors that they were literally eating out of McKennas hands. One little guy followed kenna around everywhere, long after all the popcorn was
gone and McKenna had lost all interest in him.

 Meet Mr. Afroduck! 
I was in love, seriously almost loaded him up and brought him home! Not Kidding, Kevin may have received a text or two about me wanting ducks. HA.

 Since day one was so successful we were back the next day for more fun.

 I can not get over how quickly Brooklyn is growing. I have watched my chubby little baby grow into a tall sweet and kind little lady, look at those legs!
 So long!

 Each day after we finished feeding the ducks we finished our evening(s) at a near by park. After being cramped up in our apartment all winter these girls were ready to run and stretch out those ever growing legs and I was happy to oblige.

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