Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow in Wichita Falls!

Brooklyn was so bummed when Santa forgot to bring snow on christmas, but he delivered just a few days late! Friday morning we woke up to a nice layer of snow and it was still snowing! Wichita got about two inches of snow, plenty for these two little Texans to enjoy!

The very first thing Brooklyn wanted to do was make a snow angel, she plopped straight down the second her boots hit snow and made one.

 After giving me about two seconds to take some pictures, the girls set off to find a good spot to build a snowman, before said spot was found a happy game of snowball fighting broke out!
Mama its bright out!

 We had so much fun and at points both girls were doubled over laughing and giggling! Especially after the figured out how to team up on mama! Next time hopefully Kevin is home to offer a bit of back up against these little monsters,

Once the snowball fighting was over we made sure to make snowmen! Both girls were set on having their own snowman, so that the other would have a friend. HA!

 Of course we finished our day in the snow with hot chocolate and Doc Mcstuffins! the only way this day could be better was if Kevin was home with us!

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