Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fun Family Pictures

So thanks to my procrastination we didn't get to take family pictures until this Sunday! In my defence I actually planned on taking them sooner but it rained that day and Kevin is only off on sundays, I knew I would need his help getting these two to cooperate.

The girls did great, while I didn't get the perfectly posed pictures I was after, Brooklyn had kevin and I cracking up at her "fake" smile, I was literally brought to tears laughing, and McKenna was really on, she was posing up a storm! cracking us up as well.

After taking what felt like 10000 pictures I did end up with a few favorites.

   The posing, Seriously adorable! These two are such characters. Again not sad at all that I don't have a super cute posed picture for my christmas cards, because these pictures make me smile, true depictions of the girls personalities right now.

  Brooke is pretty used to me taking pictures I basicly just let her tell me where she wants to stand and let her go! Not so much as a smile brooke, well maybe a "give me a real smile Brooke!" ha!

My little Kenna girl had had enough by this point, not giving much more than an "I'm tired and done smile" oh and the ever so popular AHHH smile followed by giggles and the "see my teeth, mama?" question.

 On the walk back to the car we stopped at the bridge to try to get a few more pictures together, well to say the girls where done and ready for their, repeatedly promised, hot chocolates would be an understatement.

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