Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas with Nana.

On Sunday we packed up and drove three and a half hours to get Rockwall, so we could spend time with Kevin's family. The girls have been super excited to see their cousins and especially Nana and Papa!

First things first, a quick picture of all the cousins together!, and I mean quick Eli and Tate had already been waiting for the girls to arrive and as soon as the girls saw all the gifts it took all of ten minutes for the four of them to go wild opening gifts. Seriously at one point wrapping paper was flying in four different directions! None of the kids cared if I was around or not, I loved it.

Just like with Kevin I ordered a "Man Crate" for Josh, I just made sure to pick something I thought Josh would like better. Love how many different "crate" options they have.

At some point Mr. Tate got ahold of the hammer and in the process of helping dad he may or may not have nailed a few fingers! 

After the gifts were opened all four kiddoes were ready to get outside and run around a bit. Kevin pulled out the girls truck, once the batteries died uncle Kevin came to the rescue pushing the truck around the yard. Once we were all good and cold we all went back inside to play more and for a family dinner.

 After dinner another round of Play time, including story time, was in order before the boys had to go home for bed. Brooklyn and McKenna were in heaven having Eli and Tate to play with all day.

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