Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas lights!

After we finished taking family pictures we grabbed some hot chocolate and drove to MSU to see the Fantasy of Lights display that they put on each year in Wichita. Once the sun set it got COLD out and we froze our booties off but it was worth it!

I was just in awe of some of these displays, the effort and creativity that went in to each display was amazing! The girls were pulling me in two different directions to show me and point out different things.

Towards the end of the display Santa was waiting to take gift requests. McKenna walked straight up and set down (with promise of a candy cane afterward) and Brooklyn was just bursting to talk to Santa! Barely a second passed after this picture was snapped, when Kenna decided she was done and burst into tears. poor girl, she only wanted one darn candy cane!

Brooklyn; Hi Santa I'm Brooklyn that's Kenna, she is my sister!
Santa; well Brooklyn and Kenna what do you want for Christmas?
Brooklyn; I want puppy surprise, I don't know what Kenna wants though...maybe a puppy surprise too!

Haha! I love how easily this girl can talk to just about anyone.

After we walked around The Fantasy Lights display we got into the car to view some lights in the comfort of a heated car...and some oh so amazing heated seats!

McKenna has this habit of aggressively steering the wheel when she sits in the drivers seat. She is a strong little girl.

Me; Kenna you can not drive here (we were trying to navigate our way through a crowded parking lot)
McKenna; I already did mama!!!

I couldn't help but laugh at my little spitfire, This girl has me cracking up daily!

 It didn't take long for McKenna to cuddle up and fall asleep right in daddy's lap.

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