Friday, December 19, 2014

Brooklyns Christmas Party

I am lucky enough to be able to be involved in Brooklyn's school, I really love volunteering my time (plus I love getting to see Brooke in her school environment) And Brooke always goes on and on about how I'm her mom and I'm at her school, she introduces me to EVERYONE and shows me All the new things they have or did in class. I love it and try to take it in as much as I can, I know one day ill be embarrassing to her!

I was so excited to surprise B at school and to be a part of her class rooms Christmas party. It was so much fun! I was stationed at the snowman building station. I was nervous how it would be having Kenna there while I had to help out but between Brooklyn and the other girls in the class she was very entertained and looked after! Its adorable how quickly five 5/6 year olds turn into little mommies! ha ha! and Kenna (loving attention) was all too eager to be the baby!

 The balloon game! These girls were over the moon, not even letting a popped balloon hinder the game! All the kids did great sharing and watching out for the little siblings (a few other PTA moms brought younger siblings) lots and lots of giggles!

 When it came time to wrap up the party the kids played one last game, it involved passing books around while one mom read a story, Kenna was upset that she didn't get a book almost instantly Brooklyn and K offered up theirs! So sweet.

 Then it was over! and we were officially on winter break! Two weeks to veg out and SLEEP IN! I might be more excited than the girls.

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