Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

If I thought last year was great this year was even better! Brooklyn is at an age where she is starting to remember and understand traditions making this holiday season even more special. I was super excited to go over to Kathys, since we moved the girls don't get to see nana and papa much, I love seeing them with their nana and papa (who spoil and love my girls to death)

This year Kathy had invited my sister to thanksgiving dinner and I have to say having my sister in the kitchen with us was a dream! Part of why I love this holiday is having my family together and in the years before I have always been torn on who to spend the day with, this year I had the best of both!!

This year the cooking went pretty smoothly and my girl even got to help me make Rolls, it was so fun to teach my girl what FEW things I know about Thanksgiving dinner prep.

While the food was cooking we took a second to take pictures and play around a bit.

 Of course we attempted a family picture, but getting four sets of eyes looking at the camera and smiles is hard work! Still I couldn't be happier with my little family.

By the time dinner was ready the girls were eager to help with something, so we put them to work setting the table. Daddy may have ended up with a kiddie fork but my girls were pretty proud of their hard work.

 Brooklyn was also SUPER proud of her roll! She actually made it all on her own (apart from me making the dough) I was proud of her too! and according to B it was good.
 After we all ate Papa and Katie took the girls to play while the rest of us cleared the table and washed dishes, well Kevin washed dishes while I took pictures.

 Once everything was cleaned up we headed outside to burn off some calories. The girls have this new game where they try to "kick" daddy while they swing, lots of giggles and belly laughs where to be had at the expense of "hurting" daddy.

 We also played fetch with the puppies! Scout was in heaven with her pup-cousin (my sisters doggie) Liesel, I don't think the two sat down to rest the entire day. Seriously those two are probably the most energetic puppies ever.

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