Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin patch round One

Taking advantage of  Kevin's random day off and that Brooklyn's school only having a half day on Wednesday we, very last minute, decided to check out a local pumpkin patch.

Its been hard to separate from all my favorites from back home, and I was feeling a little stressed trying to find one near bye that lived up to the old pumpkin patched I loved so much.  We ended up at The Painted Pony Pumpkin Patch and while its not what I was looking for it was a very very sweet pumpkin patch.

Watching Kenna chase turkeys bigger than her was more than enough to melt my sour attitude and put a smile on my face. Because this farm/pumpkin patch was very small it had this homey feel that was so peaceful! We probably stayed way too long just hanging out playing with animals, swinging, talking, and laughing as a family. My heart was so happy and peaceful as we drove home. What I thought would be a waste turned out to be my absolute favorite family pumpkin patch thus far!

McKenna was so in love with these turkeys. HaHa! When we move into a house we may just have to get this girl a turkey and Brooklyn a goat!

Anytime these two spot pony rides you can bet somewhere nearby Kevin or I are standing in a line to get more tickets!