Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not prepared for kindergarten?

Probably one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever had to do was walk my baby, my most precious possession, through the great big glass doors of her elementary school and leave her sitting, not alone but with out me and my protection. I was so not prepared for this!

My question is just when was I supposed to prepare for the day I would drop my baby off at kindergarten?

Brooklyn's first year we were much too busy, those first months our time was filled with feedings and diaper changes, not to mention my late night checks just to see if she was still breathing because it had been too long since I heard a noise on the monitor.

Then just when I got a handle on our daily routine Brooklyn had to go and learn to crawl, two months after other babies her age, NO worries though she just wanted to do it on her own time! Crawling is quickly followed by pulling up and getting into everything a baby should stay away from! Que mad rush to baby proof the house! Why didn't I do this sooner?

Before I even had time to breath she was one and I was busy trying to catch her before she fell, washing of that paint, from "arts and crafts time", another amazing mommy idea, And Protecting superwomans secret identity. All things that are much more important that thinking about kindergarten. Who has the time anyway she won't start for four more years.

By two I pretty much had it all figured out, HA!, but BROOKLYN was much much too busy. She needed to spend as much time possible dancing in the rain and loving on her one and only cousin Eli, (I can still hear those sweet belly giggles) Helping mama cook was also important business too!

Not to mention helping Aunt Katie get ready for prom and going on our very first camping trip, If ever Brooke did find time on her hands you would have found her cuddled up in daddy's lap instead of thinking about kindergarten. Two was a big year for us, two is when you start using the big potty and drinking out of a big girl cup not when you start thinking kindergarten. 

We hit three running and never really slowed down, baby girl really started to let her personality shine and our lives got a whole lot busier with the addition of a little sister. Brooklyn learned how to be a sweet big sister and continued to prove that moms craft projects could be messy fun! She even picked up a new game, hide-n-seek. I'll let you guess how funny it is when big sister hides little sister, did I mention we were busy?

 Brooke did this all while learning to drive a fire truck, ok not really but she says she did ;), and STILL being a good sister, building christmas snowmen. We even managed to find the time to play in the rain some more.

It may not seem like much but by the end of the day this three year old was tired, much too tired to be bothered with school, and I, well I was somewhere between exhaustion and the back of my camera...oh and still checking in on my sleeping angel.

I probably should have kicked it into gear around age four but the entire family got busy, playing "dress up tea party" and "hair salon"

and I got caught up watching my little girl grow! That summer she finally got over her fear of the water and started playing tee-ball, she was so cute great.

Then before I knew it Brooklyn was five and kindergarten was four months away. Still we found ourselves busy playing in the rain, being silly, and all while Brooklyn manages to continue to be a loving and wonderful big sister.

We may not have been prepared but we made memories and had lots of laughs. I have no idea what is in store for us when it come to school but I do know that we will take it day by day just as we have these last five years.

 I don't care if in fifteen years Brooklyn says; "My mom made awful school lunches" or even if Brooklyn is the smartest child in her class but I do want her to know that her mom loved her, and to be certain that no matter what I will be there for her.