Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wichita Falls (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

I knew I wanted to get to know our new town a bit before writing this post but just as I started feeling comfortable {you know having some new favorite places to eat, Walk, or In many cases just remembering street names!} Things started to gear up for school. I went back and fourth about putting this post off until after the big back to school post but figured it would make things that happened, during Brooklyn's first week make more sense.

I wouldn't normally start off talking about the things I don't like, But I feel like these things are so minuscule on the scale of thing that its just easier to get them out of the way. First things first Wichita Fall is in a drought, yeah I know all of Texas is, but seriously y'all! You can not wash your car on Sunday or Monday, fill up a pool, or even water the grass. So serious that they have turned to using the Direct Potable Reuse Project, witch is another way for saying that the water that comes from your toilet is cleaned and sent through your tap. Yep let have a glass of toilet water, no really they have figured out how to clean it and I do think its a good solution to a very serious problem. I have also not tasted a difference since the change, but lets be honest here... I pretty much only drink bottles water.

Another tiny problem and I mean tiny is that, while it is still growing, the town is pretty small. A lot of things I'm used to having quick and immediate access to are just not here. So well in Four months those are the only negatives I really have.

Moving on to the positives, I'm not really going to focus on listing every little thing that I have enjoyed about this small town but I want to shine light on one BIG thing that has almost ready to plant roots in Wichita Falls for good.

I don't really know what it is, possibly something in the water haha, but almost daily I run into someone who puts a smile on my face. Not just the normal passing smile kind of way but the kind of smile that leaves a tiny imprint on your heart and keeps you feeling happy for the rest of the day.

I can literally sit here and tell you stories from; elderly mall walkers egging my girls on in a "power walking" race (yep, still makes me smile!) to The cashier at Walmart cracking me up with her jokes. Kevin says its because everyone moves slower and they don't have to drive in traffic. Whatever it is keep it coming, because already these people I don't know have brought me so much joy.

Its not just the fun little things either, I have noticed just how willing people are to put themselves aside and help others! One day I ran out of gas on my way to Vernon (to pick up my wallet that I had left in Kevin's car) and a woman pulled over to help, even giving me more than enough gas to make it the rest of the way.

Another day while eating lunch the girls and I got to witness two separate people helping a homeless man, one brought him a drink and a while later another brought him lunch. As I sat there explaining why those men did what they did I couldn't help but silently thank God for moving my family to this happy little town, I can only hope that as the time passes my love for Wichita will continue to grow.

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