Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet The Teacher Night

So in the weeks and I mean weeks, It was posted mid July in big letters on the schools billboard, leading up to meet the teacher, I had the date rolling around in the back of my head along with a plethora of questions about how it would go. Unlike most who I'm sure spent many sleepless nights worrying about the actual first day, I was worried about meeting the teacher! It is the teacher, in my opinion, who can make or break a child's love for school.

Brooklyn could not wait to get in and see what her new school was like, and I was so proud of her, She has always been my brave girl. Never hesitating to go up and play with a new friend. Once we found her classroom Brooklyn found her seat right away, then explored the rest of the room/ other kids while I filled out paperwork and chatted with her teacher, who is ABSOLUTELY amazing!

 Once Brooklyn saw me talking to her teacher she came over and proceeded to talk Mrs. Wilson's ear off.
 The school had a shaved ice truck set up outside for meet the teacher night, so once we were all done talking to teachers, exploring the library (of course!) and signing up for PTA, Brooke insisted we get a snow cone!

I believe that this is actually Brooklyn first snow cone! The child has been deprived.

 They say it goes by fast and it really does! I wish I could rewind time and enjoy my little girl being small. I love you so much Brooklyn and I know you will do great things little one!

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