Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten.

Brooklyn's first day at school went much better than I had hoped. We woke her up and got dressed, although I was very tempted to get her all dressed up, we made the decision to let her choose her own outfit. Brooklyn was very proud of her outfit choice and she was comfortable, she is just not the super girly type.

After getting dressed she sat down to read to McKenna, who was not ready to start her day, while I finished breakfast.
 Nana couldn't make it to see Brooklyn off on her first day so we settled on a little early morning facetime. By then Kevin had convinced me that we were running late so I had Zero time for "First Day" pictures! I had to settle on a few snaps on the way to the car. Turns out Kevin had the times wrong and we had plenty of time..

 It all worked out because we ended up with a few extra minutes to say good bye and get our hugs and kisses!
(She stopped and posed without me even asking! 
This girl knows her mama.)

 I was fine, all smiles and no tears, until we started walking away and McKenna started sobbing "mama you forget brooklyn" after that I lost it, I cried all the way to the car and home, even randomly throughout the day I would think about something or someone would say something and the crying would start all over again.

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