Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It's been almost a month for us here in Wichita, while I still have boxes to unpack and half a house left, in Rowlett, to move into storage. (and put on the market) It is starting to feel more like home, We have tried a few churches, signed up at the local YMCA and made our rounds at probably every park with in the city limits. HA!

So far the girls are adjusting to apartment life about as well as I thought. Its good but they miss their space and yard. Pretty sure for the first two weeks our down stairs neighbors thought two baby elephants had moved in! and  McKenna has learned to open the door to the porch, and continuously lets herself out to see the baby ducklings! It's been a huge learning experience for us all.

Sometime this week I'm hoping to catch up on somethings, explain a few things and possibly post some apartment pictures, fingers crossed I have the time :)

McKenna calls them her ducklings, no matter how I try to correct her, 
She will grab your face and turn it towards her and say" no mommy baby duckins"