Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Best Way to Remove Nail Polish From Hair.

Whelp I never thought I would ever need to know this turns out its just another one of those need to know mom to two girl things! To be honest its all my fault, Saturday after a round of painted nails instead of cleaning up I vegged out snacking and watching movies, completely leaving the polish out on the bathroom sink.

Fast forward to this COLD Monday morning, Brooke found said polishes and proceed to paint McKennas nails. If you know anything about a 21 month old wet nails are a bad idea! Purple everywhere, cloths, carpet, skin HAIR!!

Baby M has not had a single hair cut not even a trim yet, so mama was panicked. Turning to Facebook for suggestions and on the verge of tears. this is what worked for us... IT WAS AMAZING easy and clean (I really did not want more of a mess)

First I covered it in baby oil careful to only cover the  spot with the nail polish, then with one of my eyelash brushes I use the throw away kind so it was clean, i slowly brushed out the polish. combined with the oil it came out super smoothly.

 After all the polish was out i worked in a bit of dawn dish soap to break down the oil and gave her a bath making sure to  wash and condition the oiled part!

When it cam time to blow dry her hair you would have never known that she had ever had nail polish in there at all! No need for her first hair cut, YET! 

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  1. I'm so jealous of McKenna's beautiful long hair! So glad you were able to get it out!