Sunday, January 5, 2014

Operation Organization

One of my many new years resolutions was to become MUCH more organized!. You can read about my resolutions HERE.

I knew that in order to become organized I would have to have a plan, as my many attempts before have failed, so off to pinterest it was. After pinning a seemingly crazy amount of pins and reading most of them, I have come up with a plan of attack. One I feel will benefit me the most.

  • Phase one;
    • First off divide and conquer: I know for this to work for me each room needs to be completely clean. So for this phase I plan deep cleaning each individual room and clearing out any and all unnecessary items. My goal time for phase one is one-two months, as some rooms will be more difficult.
  • Phase two;
    • This may seem as a little repetitive to the first phase but in this phase I plan on clearing out and organizing each desk, cabinet, and self in every room. Again because of the size of the room (ie. garage) and the fact that while doing this all I will also continue with my everyday life, as well as trying to fulfill other resolutions. I expect this to take three months (about one room a week)
  • Phase three
    •  After reading several blogs I think that several of the 30 days to an organized house would be very helpful to me, so after I have done all I can to organize my house I will be completing a few of these challenges. (hey you can never know too much right?!?!)
  • Phase four
    • The phase I'm most looking forward to! Maintenance :) I am very hopeful that after all my organization is complete we (yes I'm forcing the entire family to help) can keep up a clean and organized house.

Also along the way I will be posting fun diy projects and any helpful tips I find for keeping an organized household.

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