Monday, January 13, 2014

"Mommy" Makeover Mondays!

One of my resolutions this year was to become happier with my appearance And before you start singing your own version of Carly Simon's You're so vain, Hear me out! 90% of the time I LEAVE the house in a pony tail with a tee shirt and my oh so very favorite pair of black sweat pants. Yes, I'm comfortable but I am not as Confident as I should be.

I want to be a confident role model for my daughters, and the only thing holding me back before was A) laziness and B) a lack of knowledge when it comes to styling myself and knowing what to wear. Nether one of those things should or will hold me back!

So if you choose to follow along with Makeover Mondays, please remember that this is a journey for me. I am working towards the goal of positive self image, and if you yourself struggle (or just want to) feel free to join in and link up!!! I would absolutely love to see your outfits too.

 -hopefully the link up will work next week :)

Here we go week 3
 (Pictures and post for weeks 1 and 2 to Follow)

This week I didn't have many pictures, I was running really late for a baby shower and my photographer aka Kevin was not in to taking pictures.

Not sure how to do these but here goes; Everything is from Old Navy! Whew that was hard! I never planned it that way it just did. I was really looking forward to trying out "Boyfriend" jeans, everyone is always raving about them. So far my experience has been a headache.

First I ordered these from old navy in a size 4, I never know with Old Navy bottom what size to get so I go bigger in case. When they arrived the 4 was to big so I exchanged them for a 2 at the store, but even the 2 was big! I know the are supposed to fit baggy/ comfortably but should they be falling down? Someone help! Do I go down a size Or do I need to look into getting a butt job! Curse my flat rear end, lol

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