Saturday, January 11, 2014


So While I wait for files to upload I will finish my H54F. So seriously all week i was looking forward to this but then life got in the way, as you can see by my procrastination on finishing my blog! The page will be done soon I HOPE!

Anyway I can not post a picture (yet) of number uno but I'm so happy to have a final draft of a baby shower invite sent off to the printers ready to be picked up in the morning....seriously folks its like 50+ invites and I had to change it over 8 times, But its pretty perfect!

Number 2,
Saturday the 4th I finally got to meet Lauren in person! Not only that, but she made me this adorable WREATH!!!! She does an amazing job, and I have already scouted out some of her others to buy later on :)

Wednesday: I headed back to work, I know you can't see these sweet faces but trust me they are enough to make the top 5.
Thanks to pinterest, and my rather large nail polish obsession no Barbie will ever go naked in this house again!
 NUMBER 5!!!!!
I most certainly saved the best for last (and possibly a separate post too) We have FINALLY replaced pup pup!!!! Long post on the life and how we lost pup pup to follow soon!

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