Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Bye Mr. Pup Pup, Hello Pretty Kitty

OK so Mr. Pup Pup has been with us since Brooklyn was little, at some point after McKenna turned one Brooke passed down Mr. Pup to Kenna, no worries Brooke still has Foxy, Sprinkles, Clifford, Blue see where I'm going right?

 While Brooklyn has an attachment to all her lovies McKenna only likes a handful three to be exact! Bebe (a puppy) Crusty pup and the King of all loves her beloved Mr. Pup Pup! I never get a say in the names, Its mostly all Brooklyn, And I just noticed that they where all dogs HA! Anyway while she plays with the others she will only sleep with and cuddle Pup Pup, So Imagine my surprise two days ago when he went missing FROM OUR HOUSE!

After a little investigation and ONE VERY GUILTY boxer, Mr Pup had met his doom :(  We tried everything for two nights but ultimately my baby fell asleep in daddy's arms crying for her beloved pup.

This morning I couldn't take it any longer, I took McKenna to Build a bear figuring if anyone would have a replacement it would be them.

I wanted to let her pick whichever animal she wanted, but of course she picked the same cat sissy had just got Monday at a birthday party. I spent ten minutes trying to talk her out of it before I remembered why I was there to begin with.
Yes, I think she will work.
 Listening to sounds, and picking out a very special heart for pretty kitty.

 Time for a bath!

 Big cuddles! and yes pretty kitty did make it out with some BIG GIRL panties :) Hopefully she will help Kenna remember to go potty.

Later that night McKenna spiked a fever and Pretty Kitty got a chance to jump in to action! Also Kenna bug went to sleep no problems.

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