Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family pictures 2013

So I was going to post these on my other blog because they are from 2013 but I love them.

 Quick story back in September or August, I cant really remember now. I had a photographer set up to take family pictures for us and Kevin's family in October. (It can be hard to catch everyone off on the same day)

Well a few days before I found out about some scheduling conflicts, I tried to find another photographer last minute but you know how those things go. Ultimately the grumps in me decided not to have family pictures done at all!! (The first time since 2009)

As soon as I got the first Christmas card in the mail, I changed my mind, they needed to be done THAT weekend!!! Meaning Kevin and I would have to get creative.

I was pleasantly surprised with what we got. I am no Photographer, and you bet next year I will have a back up but I love how relaxed we are In these photos (something that is very hard to do in front of a stranger)

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