Friday, January 3, 2014

Better Late Than never

I have been looking forward to new years day since late October, When I decided that my older blog had fallen to the wayside. In loo of trying to bring it back from the dead, I knew I wanted to "re-brand" my blog. The last few months of 2013 where spent by me deciding what I wanted to do.

While I knew I wanted the base of my blog to focus on my family, what I didn't know was how to go about bringing more of my own personality to the blog. My last blog had become so much about our family that I was having a real hard time even wanting to post anything more than just a few pictures.

My goal with this blog is to remain true to myself and personality while also continuing to document the lives of my children and family.

So in true -Ashley- fashion this blog is up three days late, my blog design is unfinished, but I would rather go play with toys and two little girls (who are currently throwing balls at me for attention!) than sit in my office.

Resolutions 2014 post to follow soonish.

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