Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Resolutions and a DIY

I love reading other peoples resolutions, but normally each year I myself cannot think of much more than stop drinking soda and try working out!

Well since I'm doing the color run with Lauren in April, I KNOW I will have to work out, and I don't drink soda anymore anyway, This year I had to think outside the box. My new years resolutions this year are possibly my favorite ever.
  1. Dress up more, become happier with my more public displays of sweatpants, I swear!
  2. Enjoy my family time more! No television at dinner (actually cook dinner!!!)
  3. Get organized!
  4. Save better, we could all use extra money in our pockets.
  5. Become more photogenic! :)

in Lew of my new resolutions, Here is a super simple Diy for a filing cabinet.

seriously I have no idea why this took me so long to do! it was literally a 123 project!

First I bought and built a simple hanging file folder set a t target (Later we plan on replacing this with something built in)

Then I cleaned out my old chest, seriously i have had this thing since middle school and it was living its days out in the attic, after a good wipe down and some new nails I Placed the hanging file rack inside! voila!!!  

Later on we are going to add built in roads to that it can hold more but for an $8 dollar project I am really happy, and my papers have a place to call home!

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