Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas with Nana.

On Sunday we packed up and drove three and a half hours to get Rockwall, so we could spend time with Kevin's family. The girls have been super excited to see their cousins and especially Nana and Papa!

First things first, a quick picture of all the cousins together!, and I mean quick Eli and Tate had already been waiting for the girls to arrive and as soon as the girls saw all the gifts it took all of ten minutes for the four of them to go wild opening gifts. Seriously at one point wrapping paper was flying in four different directions! None of the kids cared if I was around or not, I loved it.

Just like with Kevin I ordered a "Man Crate" for Josh, I just made sure to pick something I thought Josh would like better. Love how many different "crate" options they have.

At some point Mr. Tate got ahold of the hammer and in the process of helping dad he may or may not have nailed a few fingers! 

After the gifts were opened all four kiddoes were ready to get outside and run around a bit. Kevin pulled out the girls truck, once the batteries died uncle Kevin came to the rescue pushing the truck around the yard. Once we were all good and cold we all went back inside to play more and for a family dinner.

 After dinner another round of Play time, including story time, was in order before the boys had to go home for bed. Brooklyn and McKenna were in heaven having Eli and Tate to play with all day.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow in Wichita Falls!

Brooklyn was so bummed when Santa forgot to bring snow on christmas, but he delivered just a few days late! Friday morning we woke up to a nice layer of snow and it was still snowing! Wichita got about two inches of snow, plenty for these two little Texans to enjoy!

The very first thing Brooklyn wanted to do was make a snow angel, she plopped straight down the second her boots hit snow and made one.

 After giving me about two seconds to take some pictures, the girls set off to find a good spot to build a snowman, before said spot was found a happy game of snowball fighting broke out!
Mama its bright out!

 We had so much fun and at points both girls were doubled over laughing and giggling! Especially after the figured out how to team up on mama! Next time hopefully Kevin is home to offer a bit of back up against these little monsters,

Once the snowball fighting was over we made sure to make snowmen! Both girls were set on having their own snowman, so that the other would have a friend. HA!

 Of course we finished our day in the snow with hot chocolate and Doc Mcstuffins! the only way this day could be better was if Kevin was home with us!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

On christmas eve I woke feeling like I had been hit by a bus...both girls had been sick with the flu/ strep so it was a matter of time! Because I would be contagious for a few days we had to nix our plans and stay home this christmas.

Our Annual Christmas Eve 

Pjs Picture

No one seemed to mind and actually we all ended up having the most fun we had ever had, it was so relaxing not to have anything we HAD to do.

I ended up going to sleep then waking up in the morning while everyone was still asleep to set the decorations, not sure if it was easier than doing it before bed or not, I did really enjoy actually seeing the girls reactions though. (usually they see everything then come wake us before opening gifts)

 This year santa left a mess! Mckenna loved it, she kept yelling,"mama snow!! santa brought me snow." Then she had to take a minute to examine the snow.
McKenna; "Look mama its on my finger! ha! I have snow on my finger"
Kevin and I have spent weeks working on restoring this doll house just for brooklyn (more on that later) I let brooklyn make every decision on her house (without letting her actually see it) She was beside herself excited when she saw her house! SOOO worth all the late night hours and stain covered finger!! seriously I individually stained each shingle and laid/ stained all 2000 popsicle floor sticks! I'm still not done with the house but for now B loves it.
 While brooklyn was looking at her house, Kenna girl was busy digging in her stocking in search for candy..Girl is serious about candy literally tossing every non-candy item over her shoulder without so much as a second look.

Before long it was time to pass out gifts, Brooklyn really wanted to do this so we let her, not long after little sister decided she needed to help too, so sweet!

 Time for presents! Brooklyn was so fast at opening gift I hardly could catch a picture and when I did it was mostly a blur of arms and wrapping paper.

Her legs! seriously, Stop growing!
This year (I stole my friend brettnis idea) I ordered Kevin, and Josh, man crates, To say I was excited for him to open it would be an understatement. He loved it! After seeing what was inside I was really happy as well! (I was nervous that the quality wouldn't be that great, but was pleasantly surprised) Plus it was extra fun to watch kevin open his gift with a crow bar!

 Another thing that made this year extra special was that the girls aunt Katie was here with us. The girls just love her to death and I adore all the special attention and love she gives my babies, I couldnt ask for a better sister and aunt to my girls!

While Kevin played on his new phone and I started breakfast aunt Katie read to and played with the girls, They were in heaven.