Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara Box!

This month I was paired with Kaitlyn and Ashley.

Ashley is a newish mommy to a sweet little girl that they adopted in may. She is so kind and inspirational. I absolutely loved getting to meet and creating a box for her.

To be completely honest after being matched I was a bit nervous. You see one of my matches was wifessionals Kaitlyn herself. (a blog I just adore reading!) still being new to the process,  I didn't want to mess up. Katlyn quickly eased my mind. Turns out she is pretty normal, who knew lol. She was so kind and funny. I had such a great time chatting with her and learning about her family.

I also loved the box she sent to me, I want to say most if not all of the items have been used already! Also I wish I had more pictures to show you.

The box was sooo full, also the outside was decorated!
 (after seeing this box I'm going to have to step up what I do with mine!)

The girls helping me make cookies.

 I was told that these were the best cookies!
I was not disappointed, but now I have to find them. They are so addicting!

I am loving the new Cara box system, this time around I felt like I was able to make more of a connection with these two lovely ladies!

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