Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 pt.1

  As our family grows and with the girls get older it is even more important for Kevin and I to settle down and create our very own holiday traditions. In all of my silly little daydreams I have always imagined my girls and I cooking Thanksgiving dinner together and laughing, you know like family dinner in an 80s sitcom!
  While the day was mostly spent cleaning up extra messes and keeping the girls from eating all the food, we were supposed to be preparing while preparing it, the day went better than I could have ever dreamed. I actually called Kathy a few days later to talk about how great it was! I can not remember a Thanksgiving when I was so relaxed and happy or one in which I was able to just joke and laugh the entire day.
  From now on "Family Day Thanksgiving" will be a tradition! I loved having Kevin's mom there to teach me family recipes and to make memories with. With my nanny being gone it means so much to me that I have a close relationship with Kathy. I pray that in the future as the girls grow, and will be able to get more involved in Thanksgiving prep, having this day with their Nana and Mom will become a special thing to them as well.

Everything was going according to plan then, as expected something has to happen right!, someone noticed that it was getting a bit smoky (I think it was Kevin) Once Kathy opened the oven and we saw that the turkey/ bottom of the oven was on fire...I followed my instincts and grabbed my camera...Yikes! my bad. HAHA.

 Luckily Kevin has better instincts and poured some water in the oven while Kathy pulled the Turkey out. (saving the turkey) because of the smoke, all the fire alarms in the house went off, Sending four adults running around like mad opening windows/doors along with two little kids who were running around for the fun of playing whatever crazy game all the grown ups were playing.
 After everything calmed down with the turkey Nana had a little snack/craft for the girls to make, But each time Nana would look away either Kenna would eat all the candy corn off her turkey or Brooklyn would eat all the melted chocolate! I'm pretty sure in the end we only ended up with four or five candy turkeys!!!

 This year Kathy taught me how to make rolls, while I wont say they were amazing I will say they were edible! I am so Thankful to have Kathy in my life to teach me these things! Oh and you bet I was very proud of my rolls! haha!

I absolutely adore this woman and loved my first year assisting her with Thanksgiving dinner! I am already looking forward to joining her in the kitchen for many years to come and for my girls to become more and more active in the Thanksgiving dinner preparations! By far one of my favorite traditions ever!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara Box!

This month I was paired with Kaitlyn and Ashley.

Ashley is a newish mommy to a sweet little girl that they adopted in may. She is so kind and inspirational. I absolutely loved getting to meet and creating a box for her.

To be completely honest after being matched I was a bit nervous. You see one of my matches was wifessionals Kaitlyn herself. (a blog I just adore reading!) still being new to the process,  I didn't want to mess up. Katlyn quickly eased my mind. Turns out she is pretty normal, who knew lol. She was so kind and funny. I had such a great time chatting with her and learning about her family.

I also loved the box she sent to me, I want to say most if not all of the items have been used already! Also I wish I had more pictures to show you.

The box was sooo full, also the outside was decorated!
 (after seeing this box I'm going to have to step up what I do with mine!)

The girls helping me make cookies.

 I was told that these were the best cookies!
I was not disappointed, but now I have to find them. They are so addicting!

I am loving the new Cara box system, this time around I felt like I was able to make more of a connection with these two lovely ladies!