Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October

In celebration of the first day of October and hopefully cooler days soon! I thought I would share one of my tips on beating the summer heat!

I try and let the girls get their outside play time early in the morning when it is still bearable outside and late evening when we have shade in our yard. That still leaves a large chunk of the day with us trapped inside!  About halfway through the summer we all start going stir crazy.

The girls and I do the normal things to pass the time, color, paint, watch movies, do puzzles, play with toys but I do have one GUARANTEE plan B, backup plan when they get really wound up!

 I pull out the board games (and we have a huge stock of them) I only pull them out when we NEED them so the girls don't get tired of them and this plan has saved me and my sanity many times (especially around the six o'clock fussy time)

You would have never known that just moments before these two were running around, screaming, or fighting like crazy ;)

I try not to worry too much about the age range, either I adjust the rules or help McKenna out! So far we have never had an issue.

Mr Potato head- when they can not share
 (They have to take turns picking a body part for him)

Don't Break the ice and Fishing game- when they are running around like crazy
(slows them down and makes them focus on one thing)

Whack-a-mole - when they are getting really rowdy
(Directs the aggression away from people, pets and breakables)

Sometimes though they just want to play a game because its fun :)

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  1. What a great idea!! I think it's great to have games/toys that are for special occasions. Like the car or going to a "childless" home. That way you can distract your kiddos from being destructive!