Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween. I have never been, not even as a child. To be honest the entire holiday stresses me out. Especially because I know it is my job to get both girls ready and that there is always a HUGE possibility that Kevin will not make it home from work. If it were up to me I would just buy my girls candy at the store and find some other activity for us to do. This being said I still try my best to put on a brave face and celebrate for the girls.

 Brooklyn knew what she wanted to be and therefore knew what McKenna should be. Boo and Sully from monsters Inc. Both girls were very happy, even with the cold weather. Happy girls made for a happy mom.
Halloween 2013

Brooklyn taking a picture with her pumpkin.

McKenna where does your candy go?

 Two happy girls ready to go trick-or-treating...Just waiting on daddy now!


After the girls finished, we went back to Nana's to hang out, help Finnish passing out candy and bath time for the girls. I would say despite a few hiccups and Kevin not being able to get home until late Halloween was a success! 

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