Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Family Fun pt.1

After finding and falling in love with this pumpkin patch last year, we could not wait to come back. This year both girls were able to participate in activities and rides, so much fun! Neither girl is very timid when it comes to trying new rides and such... B even road her very first roller coaster! (all while mama was chewing her fingernails to the bone.)

Our trip started with FOOD, I don't know who could resist it! I love their fair style food. Turkey legs and corn on the cob have always been favorites, kenna agrees. She ate half that leg by herself.

Mama and Brooklyn

Mckenna's first ride.
 After each ride would stop she would sit there and yell "again" "again" (if no one else was in line she would get another turn, clapping the whole time)

The Pony rides.
 If we are somewhere with ponies, Brooke will have to ride them! This girl loves to ride horses.

First round together. Then..
 Monkey see..

 Monkey do!.. (and this is when I yelled for them to stop the ride! embarrassing yes, but as soon as she took her hands off, the words flew out of my mouth and my heart started racing!.. No, they did not stop the ride, nor did I breath again until I picked her up)

Just as we were about to leave a woman asked me to take a picture of her family, she returned the favor by taking a picture for me.
 Thank You!

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