Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Snapshots 2013

October 2013

One night I fell asleep early on the couch, evidently McKenna brought me her beloved puppy to cuddle with. (such a sweet little mama)

Brooke and McKenna testing out the car before we left it to surprise Nana! 

Now Nana will have two, no more fighting.

Waiting to pick up sissy.
 Before bed.
Brooklyn wanted to see how tall she was getting. (aka stalling bedtime)

McKenna praying with sissy. 

Play time with daddy.

My first Stars game. I am officially hooked! It was so much fun. 

McKenna sorting colors.

Halloween 2013

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween. I have never been, not even as a child. To be honest the entire holiday stresses me out. Especially because I know it is my job to get both girls ready and that there is always a HUGE possibility that Kevin will not make it home from work. If it were up to me I would just buy my girls candy at the store and find some other activity for us to do. This being said I still try my best to put on a brave face and celebrate for the girls.

 Brooklyn knew what she wanted to be and therefore knew what McKenna should be. Boo and Sully from monsters Inc. Both girls were very happy, even with the cold weather. Happy girls made for a happy mom.
Halloween 2013

Brooklyn taking a picture with her pumpkin.

McKenna where does your candy go?

 Two happy girls ready to go trick-or-treating...Just waiting on daddy now!


After the girls finished, we went back to Nana's to hang out, help Finnish passing out candy and bath time for the girls. I would say despite a few hiccups and Kevin not being able to get home until late Halloween was a success! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin carving

The girls and I were looking forward to our church's trunk or treat this year, but due to bad weather it was canceled. Brooklyn was really bummed so I decided to let the girls carve paint pumpkins. (we usually wait until Halloween day)

It was a great way to cheer up our rainy day moods.

Brooklyn is always so focused on her projects.

McKenna "trying" to clean up.

My silly girl.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

One pumpkin...Two pumpkin

After we finished up at the pumpkin patch the girls had to pick out their pumpkins before we left. My only rule was that they had to be able to carry their pumpkin. After quite a bit of searching, I may or may not have switched one of the pumpkin displays with a slightly larger and lopsided pumpkin so that Kenna could have one, both girls found perfect pumpkins to take home.

Feeling the bumpy pumpkin.

 It certainly didn't take Brooklyn long to pick her pumpkin. This girl is a pumpkin picking pro!

McKenna wanted to take home any and every pumpkin, she just couldn't find one small enough. 

Until sister helped her out. But McKenna still had to test it out.

First step throw that sucker on the ground.

Then sit on it...
 Next put it back.
 Where did it go? lol (by this point Kevin and I were cracking up, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe)

Now that McKenna is big enough to participate, This was THE BEST family pumpkin patch day ever. 

Fall Family Fun pt.1

After finding and falling in love with this pumpkin patch last year, we could not wait to come back. This year both girls were able to participate in activities and rides, so much fun! Neither girl is very timid when it comes to trying new rides and such... B even road her very first roller coaster! (all while mama was chewing her fingernails to the bone.)

Our trip started with FOOD, I don't know who could resist it! I love their fair style food. Turkey legs and corn on the cob have always been favorites, kenna agrees. She ate half that leg by herself.

Mama and Brooklyn

Mckenna's first ride.
 After each ride would stop she would sit there and yell "again" "again" (if no one else was in line she would get another turn, clapping the whole time)

The Pony rides.
 If we are somewhere with ponies, Brooke will have to ride them! This girl loves to ride horses.

First round together. Then..
 Monkey see..

 Monkey do!.. (and this is when I yelled for them to stop the ride! embarrassing yes, but as soon as she took her hands off, the words flew out of my mouth and my heart started racing!.. No, they did not stop the ride, nor did I breath again until I picked her up)

Just as we were about to leave a woman asked me to take a picture of her family, she returned the favor by taking a picture for me.
 Thank You!