Friday, September 6, 2013

Fort Worth Museum

   Brooklyn, McKenna, Nana, and I went to see Doc Mcstuffins in Fort Worth. When we arrived the weather outside was so hot and with the line to see the Doc starting to wrap around the building, Nana and I called it and decided to enjoy the air conditioning! museum instead.

The girls loved it, especially the play area! I don't think that they were too sad to miss Mcstuffins at all.

It was also nice to get out to a new museum for me too. Sometimes I get bored with the stuff at our museum, aquarium, zoo...etc.

McKenna and her babies! haha

My cute little doctor taking care of her puppy.

Little sister must do EVERYTHING big sister does.

Laying on a bed of nails!
 Brooke made McKenna go first so she could make sure it was safe,
That is what little siblings are for right? LOL

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