Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Last year Brooklyn tried a mothers day out/ preschool, it ended up not really being a fit for us in the end. So this year I was more determined than ever to not only get her into preschool but for her to feel comfortable as well.

So far she loves her new school and is adjusting wonderfully! A few things we did differently this time;
  • We chose one with teachers and students that she already knew. 
  • We talked about school often (I started talking about it in march!!)
  • This time I asked and really listened to what her fears were (her main fear was that I would not come back to pick her up) and helped calm them as best I could. (Each and every time I drop her off anywhere I tell her "Mommy loves you and will always come back to get you" This simple little quote means so much to her that she now says it to Kenna when we drop her off.
  • When it got close to school starting, We let Brooke choose whatever style backpack/lunchbox she wanted. (This can be hard, we almost left with a Transformers backpack before she saw the Hello Kitty one!)
  • I also read as many back to school, or my first day of school books that I could find. And talked constantly about how fun school would be.

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