Saturday, August 31, 2013

Papas Farm

Kevin wanted a gun for hunting for a while now but was not sure what he wanted, so when my papa told him to come out and try some (to see what felt best for him) he jumped at the opportunity.  The girls LOVE the farm so we decided to make it a family weekend.

Papa has 60+ acres so four wheeling is a must ;)

Fun with the guns while Kenna naps and Brooklyn plays inside with grandma Stella.

No surprise that Brooke spent most of her time playing with all the animals, petting and feeding donkeys, horses, cows, and even winning over the "grumpy old man" (mini donkey)

Papa teaching Brooklyn

And more Gun fun...

The kickback was stronger than I expected! Men, they make it look so easy.

Taking a break from the guns for horse riding. Miss sunny was a great sport even when B wanted mama to ride with her.

Oh Yeah more gun fun!

Don't ask me to name this gun, but I liked it best! almost no kickback :) to bad you can't use it to hunt and the scope on it was a night vision so I couldn't used it at all.

In the end I think Kevin picked one gun that he liked the most, now we need to buy one and wait for hunting season! I really enjoyed hanging out with my grandma and seeing the girls get to run around and explore. (I really wish I had remembered to take more non-gun related pictures) Lucky we are planning another trip soon.

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