Thursday, August 1, 2013

McKenna 18 Months Old

McKenna Grace
18 Months

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (TV show), Balls, Cooking, Swinging,
Riding in her little pink car, Riding in B's truck (while Brooke drives).
Baby dolls, Singing, cats and dogs, Bubbles, HER PAJAMAS!

She also loves all things girlie,
bracelets, purses, necklaces! 

And last but not least she loves her.. 
 sometimes just seeing the way she looks at Brooklyn makes my heart swell up! I'm just amazed at how much love they have for one another, the two HATE to be separated. Most nights I have to move one or the other to the correct bed (after listening lots of giggling and laughing before they actually fall asleep) 

Dislikes: (not many)
Washing her hair. 
Being left with sitters (she is super particular about the people she likes)

Lately has Started calling people by particular names: (much more than before)
  •  Kevin: Mama or sometimes Dee Dee but NEVER Dada, actually if you ask her to she will say "no! mama," and point at him or his picture (I find this hilarious! Kevin, not so much.)
  • Me: Mommy (sounds like Moe me)
  • Kathy: Nana
  • Tom (Kevin's dad): DA or very rarely Dada (LOL) It never fails every time we show her a picture, its DA! or when we get ready to leave you can say go give DA DA hugs bye and off she runs to papa. We have no clue how this started but I think its funny and Kevin is convinced his dad is teaching Kenna this! HA!
  • Brooklyn: Most of the time she never directly addresses Brooke. Its really hard to explain the bond that is forming, but a lot of the time Brooklyn seems to just know what McKenna needs or wants without Kenna saying it directly. (when she does say Brooke it it is very crisp and clear)

At her last weight check appointment she was measuring 22.6lbs and 31 inches long. As far as clothing goes she is wearing size 12-18 month clothes and some 18-24 month also very few 2t (but most of those are dresses), size 4 shoe and a size 5 Diaper.

Some other things she has been up to..
  • Jumps(both feet still on ground)
  • She can eat with a fork and spoon
  • Loves to dance to music
  • LOVES to slide and swing!!!
  • Points at animals she sees and names them correctly, (tiger, bird, dog, donkey, cow, horse, chicken, I could go on forever!)
  • Pretend play 

This is just a small clip of all the things she is able to do! She has really hit a learning growth spurt lately! Learning something new every day!

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