Monday, August 12, 2013

Diaper Cake How to.

I love making diaper cakes! I know it can get intimidating so I thought I would pass along some tips i have learned so far.

Storage/ supplies

  1. Keep all your supplies together! I have two large bins that hold all my diaper cake making items. (Also anytime I see something on sale that I love I buy it and toss it in for a later project **especially cheap diapers**)
    • I am also very picky about the type of diapers, I use pampers swaddlers sz1. I like them because they are mostly white.
  2. Other things I like to always have on hand are; Rubber bands, Ribbon, Hot glue and hot glue gun.  (These are just the absolute basics)     
Also a helper can be very nice.

Getting started

  1. I like to start by folding the flaps on all the diapers (it creates an extra step but is SO worth it in the end) By doing this you will make the diaper completely white
  2. I continue until I have folded enough diapers for one tier (that way I can just grab and go in the next step)

  3. Next I fold them again (some people like to roll the diapers but that takes too long and will make it a pain later for the new mom) I fold and hold as many as I can in one hand (7 size ones) then band them together with a rubber band.

  4. Repeat until the outer rim is done. Then fill the inside. My base always gets two bands, second row gets one and none on the top.

    (don't worry about the gap caused by the bands, your ribbon will close it)

  5. Tie on ribbon and add on any decorations that you want 

Enjoy your hard work.



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  1. Well I think that's just the prettiest diaper cake I've ever seen!! :) and it's still perfectly intact!!