Sunday, June 30, 2013


June Snapshots

The girls current new favorite movie.

Playing during VBS

Just Playing

Brooke before and after her haircut. She kept saying that she wanted it shorter but not like boy hair.

This girl LOVES shopping.

I'm loving the girls new found love for dressing up.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swim Swim

After spending the first part of our week coped up, we pulled out the swimming pools for some family time OUTSIDE.

My little water baby. She absolutely loves ANYTHING that has to do with water and swimming, splashing around!

My other sweet girl has come such a long way in facing her fear of swimming! She can and will lay down and even dunk her head in the water now. I am so proud of her for trying so hard.

The slide!

Friday, June 21, 2013

First day of summer!

To celebrate the official first day of summer (although the temps are well up into the 80s already) the girls and I set up the pool! The girls LOVED it :)

WELCOME SUMMER I have big plans for you!

Last year Brooklyn was so afraid of swimming, well after lots of hard work she is finally enjoying the pool like any other four year old! We are still working up our courage for the BIG pools but for now she is very proud to show off her skills in the Toddler pool. (Even dunking her head under the water several times!!)

It may have something to do with the fact that she was born in the water but McKenna is my little water bug. She gets so mad when its time to get out, no matter how pruned her little toes get.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pinterest project #1

In an attempt to clear out some of my pins i'm going to to try and complete/try/create one or more "pins" from my pinterest boards each month.

Our first project was to create a hopscotch out of concrete tiles. Brooke loves playing hopscotch but we never had anywhere for her to do it. Until now!

First we picked up our supplies The concrete bricks came from lowes. We also had to make two trips for paint (the first type of paint we got just washed off as soon as it got wet, Yikes!)

After we had everything we needed, it was time for fun! We let the girls paint each stone then went over and filled in the places they missed.

After all the stones/steps were painted and completely dry, I simply set them up in the order that I wanted.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers day 2013

My favorites all dressed up and ready for church!

 After church we spent the rest of the day with kevin's family, kevin and his dad got some much needed relaxation. While Nana, the girls, and I ran our errands.

Kevin and girls with Papa tom. I swear these girls have the boys wrapped around their fingers. Poor papa had to stop watching the game to play cars and cuddle!

The girls and I are so lucky to have kevin in our lives, he is an amazing father and husband. He really works hard to make sure we are all happy... WE LOVE YOU KEVIN

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's HOT!!!

 So far our air conditioning has gone out three times this summer.
The culprit(s).. Meet thing 1 and thing 2, otherwise known as Gunner and Scout.

One of them is chewing up the wires on our ac unit, and no matter how we try to wall off the area they are still getting to it. Kevin claims it must be Gunner, because his baby girl Scout can do no wrong. ;) 
I think otherwise (little miss thing has been known to get bored and chew) Plus Gunner is more goofy/laid back. Definitely not a trouble maker. lol

They must be trying to get revenge for being put outside during the day when the boys are here! Well I get it loud and clear. Ha! 

This last time the ac went out it had something to do with our inside unit, not the wires, thank goodness, but because kevin couldn't fix it we had to wait for the ac guy to come and fix it THE NEXT DAY!  The girls did great dealing with the heat for the most part (kevin and I just did anything we could to keep them busy.)

A game of dress up turned into a princess tea party, when brooke begged me to put my real princess dress on. She loves my "real" princess dress, and I don't mind that it takes two people and ten minutes to get it on, I would do anything to make my girls happy. Plus I never got to actually wear my wedding princess dress for any special day, so its nice that I have it and can create these special memories.

(Kevin was getting a little crazy with the picture taking...time to put the phone down buddy)

our night ended with a little game of airplane. This is a favorite for both girls! Brooklyn likes to try to play with everyone, so far she can lift mom and dad (kenna gets to wiggly) 

Probably how I spend most of the day, trying to figure out how to play with them both at once! Would not trade this for any other Job in the world!