Saturday, May 11, 2013

T-Ball Practice

First we had brooklyn signed up for t-ball in sachse but with the travel time and the age gap between brooke and the other girls it didn't work out.

Lucky mid april we found out through a friend that the Y did t-ball for brookes age AND that they had a season starting soon! Even though Brooklyn is still among the youngest in the group (you couldn't tell by looking at her, she is so tall) this team is much more relaxed and she is having WAY more fun.

She gets to be on the team with two of her friends, Ross and Liam, which makes it so much more motivating and fun for her to play!
Practice Day 1

Workin' hard

 Playing tag with Liam after practice.

 Practice Day 2

 Bonding (with the only other girl on the team) over Brookes pink bat.

 Liam showed Brooke and Ross how to get mad at the ball when they are up at bat.

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