Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday BROOKLYN!

I'm still in shock that my sweet baby girl is really four, Not only that but that this year is my last  with her before she is off to KINDERGARTEN!!!

Brooklyn it is hard to put into words how amazing you are! You are so smart, funny and kind. You are the greatest big sister to McKenna. We love you so much!

This year we decided to have a super simple and small birthday party for brooklyn. She only had two request, a list of specific friends (all of which we made sure to invite) and please have a bounce house. (which turned out to be HUGE yikes!)

As soon as Brooke told me she wanted a scooby doo party, I knew I wanted to find her a really cute and unique looking cake. I loved it, Melody did an amazing job! As soon as Brooklyn saw it she had to make sure everyone else did too. 

Party time!

Getting ready for her Big gift.

LOL McKenna's Cheese face cracks me up every time!

Even after 4 years she is still not so sure if she likes everyone singing to her.

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