Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was so excited to get to throw a baby shower for my friend chanel! This being my first baby shower to host I was also a little nervous but once fellow host Joy and I came up with a theme it came together perfectly.

One thing that made this shower unique is that we have no idea what the gender will be! Knowing Chanel, Joy and I thought a red and black ready to pop theme would be perfect! (baby BOY Rushing was born 6/22 and is on day 3 with no name yet! He is one special guy, can not wait to hear what his name will be!!)
The decore;

always my favorite part of the party :)

 The party went great, Chanels friends and family were all so sweet AND funny! I always love when people are all willing to play games, get silly and are up for a little friendly competition. It was also so nice to hear sweet stories of Chanels childhood from her family.
 (Chanel and her daughter Ruby)

 (Joy, Chanel, and I)

 (Ruby and her baby)

(Chanel and her son Red)

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