Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perot Museum

During spring break a few friends, from our sunday school class, thought it would be fun to try out the new perot museum in Dallas. Kevin and I have been wanting to  take the girls for months but couldn't get our schedules to work out.

One thing I loved was that the museum was so big that it will take several visits for Brooke to really get to see and touch everything. Giving a cool indoor option for family fun when the texas summer heat really sets in!

One floor is all about dinosaurs (on every floor the kids have many things they can touch and feel). Brooklyn is all about dinosaurs lately, she loves them! Just like I had predicted this floor was her favorite.

 The whole "Big Kids" group. 


 Liam, Brooklyn, and Ross building a robot.

Driving the robot they built together.

 One floor they have a play area where the kids are allowed to touch, play with, and explore EVERYTHING! We spent most of our time here, they loved it.
 Picking flowers

The hit of the day had to be the construction zone! We spent an hour plus there alone!!! Watching the children work together to solve problems and "build" things was so fun and entertaining! 

I am definitely proud of the polite, kind, and helpful little girl brooklyn is growing up to be.

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