Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter 2013 part 1

This year the girls were invited to quite a few easter parties/festivities, our week was super busy AND we even accidentally missed a few! oops! On top of our busy week, we were staying at a friends house while ours had some foundation and remodeling work done. I'm STILL trying to recover from it all almost a month later.

I will have to break down our Easter week into a few parts to keep this from getting too crazy.

On Monday was our Harbor moms group annual easter egg hunt, it was super chilly, Luckily the girls didn't seem to mind too much during the hunt. This being McKenna's first actual easter egg hunt I was a little nervous that she wouldn't get it and that the older kids would run all over her and steal her eggs, but I seriously underestimated baby girls spunk! She figured out right away that you WANT the eggs and where they go, not letting anyone have hers.

Brooklyn and Ross Hunting.

Because I was too focused on making sure baby girl didn't get trampled I forgot to take any actual hunting pictures! So we HAD to have an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate a successful first easter egg hunt right?

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