Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Girl Bed at 13 months

Brooklyn moved out of her crib at 15 months and her transition was practically flawless. So good that I have NO tips at all when it comes to the big bed switch, she literally laid down one night and accepted her new bed. I wasn't to worried about switching McKenna but I figured this time things might get a little tough this time around.

Our plan was to get a bed and start off trying to get Mckenna to take naps in it and very slowly switch her. McKenna had other plans...

On Friday (3/8/13) a friend of mine dropped off her old toddler bed (we bought a new mattress because I'm a little weird about used beds even if I know where it came from). While Kevin was setting it up, I got the girls ready for bed, and thought it would be funny to lie Kenna in the bed just to see what she would do.

The little stinker just started sucking her thumb and quickly fell asleep! Every night since we have been able to put her to sleep in the big girl bed with minimal fussing. She loves sleeping in her bed and both girls are ecstatic about sharing a room! (another thing that surprised me)

Naps have been a little tougher, in the beginning of the week I didn't even try putting her in the toddler bed for naps, because she did so well with her usual scheduled, but on Thursday I decided I would try. Lets just say that day was tough and McKenna ended up in her crib for two out of three of her naps. On Friday and Saturday after a lot of tears and LOTS of: Mckenna getting out of bed and me putting her back in, she finally got it! We are officially in the big girl bed!

The first night

On this particular night she drug the pillow over to the door and fell asleep on the floor.

More cute sleeping baby pictures.

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