Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Snapshots 2013

March Snapshots

Brooklyn's artwork.

One of our Brooklyn and Mommy dates.

Play date with Ella and Layla. 

Brooklyn loves having Scout, sleep with her. These two are best friends.

Please tell me how this happens, Ha!

Easter Lunch

We wrapped up all our Easter festivities with lunch over at Jennifer's house, with the rest of Kevin's family and her husbands (Josh) family as well. Kevin and I spent most of the time playing upstairs with the kids.

 Being surrounded by so much family (and loud talking) really reminded me of how thing used to be at get togethers, with my family, before my nanny passed away. Looking back on the day, it was a wonderful time and I really wish I would have enjoyed myself more.

Hopefully as our children grow these get togethers will become more frequent and I will learn to sit back and enjoy the moments more.

 Several attempts at a cousins photo. I love all these cute little people so very much! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter 2013 Part 2

Our friends the Marlowes invited the girls and I for an easter lunch and egg hunt with family. The entire family was so sweet, welcoming us in as part of their own! The girls absolutely adore Ross's grandma aka Wynna. Brooklyn is already convinced Joylynn is her aunt and wynna is her grandma too! HA!

McKenna and wynna.

Hunting for eggs, at the park. The weather was perfect!

 Wynna brought all the kids special confetti eggs, at first brooke couldn't get hers to brake because she wouldn't smash them hard enough, haha! Finally after letting her know that she WOULD NOT hurt McKenna she got the hang of them.

Later the big kids got to dye eggs, Brooklyn and Ross did an amazing job staying clean and not spilling anything, A huge task for two three year olds!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter 2013 part 1

This year the girls were invited to quite a few easter parties/festivities, our week was super busy AND we even accidentally missed a few! oops! On top of our busy week, we were staying at a friends house while ours had some foundation and remodeling work done. I'm STILL trying to recover from it all almost a month later.

I will have to break down our Easter week into a few parts to keep this from getting too crazy.

On Monday was our Harbor moms group annual easter egg hunt, it was super chilly, Luckily the girls didn't seem to mind too much during the hunt. This being McKenna's first actual easter egg hunt I was a little nervous that she wouldn't get it and that the older kids would run all over her and steal her eggs, but I seriously underestimated baby girls spunk! She figured out right away that you WANT the eggs and where they go, not letting anyone have hers.

Brooklyn and Ross Hunting.

Because I was too focused on making sure baby girl didn't get trampled I forgot to take any actual hunting pictures! So we HAD to have an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate a successful first easter egg hunt right?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Girl Bed at 13 months

Brooklyn moved out of her crib at 15 months and her transition was practically flawless. So good that I have NO tips at all when it comes to the big bed switch, she literally laid down one night and accepted her new bed. I wasn't to worried about switching McKenna but I figured this time things might get a little tough this time around.

Our plan was to get a bed and start off trying to get Mckenna to take naps in it and very slowly switch her. McKenna had other plans...

On Friday (3/8/13) a friend of mine dropped off her old toddler bed (we bought a new mattress because I'm a little weird about used beds even if I know where it came from). While Kevin was setting it up, I got the girls ready for bed, and thought it would be funny to lie Kenna in the bed just to see what she would do.

The little stinker just started sucking her thumb and quickly fell asleep! Every night since we have been able to put her to sleep in the big girl bed with minimal fussing. She loves sleeping in her bed and both girls are ecstatic about sharing a room! (another thing that surprised me)

Naps have been a little tougher, in the beginning of the week I didn't even try putting her in the toddler bed for naps, because she did so well with her usual scheduled, but on Thursday I decided I would try. Lets just say that day was tough and McKenna ended up in her crib for two out of three of her naps. On Friday and Saturday after a lot of tears and LOTS of: Mckenna getting out of bed and me putting her back in, she finally got it! We are officially in the big girl bed!

The first night

On this particular night she drug the pillow over to the door and fell asleep on the floor.

More cute sleeping baby pictures.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perot Museum

During spring break a few friends, from our sunday school class, thought it would be fun to try out the new perot museum in Dallas. Kevin and I have been wanting to  take the girls for months but couldn't get our schedules to work out.

One thing I loved was that the museum was so big that it will take several visits for Brooke to really get to see and touch everything. Giving a cool indoor option for family fun when the texas summer heat really sets in!

One floor is all about dinosaurs (on every floor the kids have many things they can touch and feel). Brooklyn is all about dinosaurs lately, she loves them! Just like I had predicted this floor was her favorite.

 The whole "Big Kids" group. 


 Liam, Brooklyn, and Ross building a robot.

Driving the robot they built together.

 One floor they have a play area where the kids are allowed to touch, play with, and explore EVERYTHING! We spent most of our time here, they loved it.
 Picking flowers

The hit of the day had to be the construction zone! We spent an hour plus there alone!!! Watching the children work together to solve problems and "build" things was so fun and entertaining! 

I am definitely proud of the polite, kind, and helpful little girl brooklyn is growing up to be.