Sunday, February 3, 2013

McKenna's 1st Birthday Party

Trust me when I say; I did as much as I could to keep this short but I could only narrow down my pictures so far! With that being said...

I spent several months gathering supplies and putting together things for Mckenna's party. I was trying to make it easier and less stressful but some how I still managed to put off the big projects, and not even Finnish a few, until just days before (you would think I would know better HA!)

Even with my procrastination and a few hiccups with the cake and cupcakes, McKenna's birthday turned out wonderfully! I am so thankful to have so many wonderful friends that would take time (on super bowl Sunday) and celebrate with us.
The set up.

The Food


Cake Time
McKenna was not to excited to try her cake and she HATES being dirty, but she did enjoy a few bites before she decided it was time to wash up and get down.

Family And Friends
All the great people who showed up to celebrate with us, Thank you all so much

Party Snapshots

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