Wednesday, December 12, 2012

McKennas ear surgery

After three ear infections in four months (one being especially difficult to get rid of) I decided it was time to talk to McKennas doctors about tubes. I know that by 10 months three ear infections was a red flag. We also have a family history of hearing problems and having to have tubes. They agreed that I should see an ENT and have McKennas ears looked at.

Less than a week later McKenna and I were at Dr.West office. First we saw the audiologist who listened to and answered all my questions! She then gave McKenna a Hearing test, she passed. one of my fears was that McKennas speech would be delayed but the audiologist explained that as long as she was passing hearing test any speech delays would not be because she needed tubes.

Since McKenna passed the hearing test, they wanted to rule out any possible problems, so the next test was the tympanometry procedure (they simply blow air and sound in to the ear and measure how much each ear drum moves) She noted that McKennas right ear drum was not moving very much and that her left, while slightly better, was also not moving as much as they would like. Most likely this meant she had fluid in her ears.

After meeting with the audiologist I met with Dr.West. He was so kind and reassuring! We went over family history while he looked in McKennas ears. He then confirmed that it would be best for McKenna to get tubes. He explained the surgery to me and showed me the tube. Even telling me his own stories of getting tubes for his son. When it came time to set up a surgery  date he even offered to come in on his day off so Kevin could be there!

When the day of surgery came we woke up bright and early at 5 am and headed to the Baylor Heath surgery center.  I was a ball of nerves the entire time but McKenna was her happy self!! We had every nurse come by to see her and since we were so close to the nurses station we could hear them talking about her "you have to go see that baby, she has so much hair" or "isn't she the cutest baby ever" The even nicknamed her "baby Boo" (since she looks like the girl off monsters ink) McKenna just took it all in smiling and laughing at everyone.

When it came time to take her back for her surgery the nurse and anesthesiologist had a rock, paper, scissors war to see who would carry her...the anesthesiologist won. ha (the lightheartedness of the staff really helped keep me at ease)

It took a good 30 min before everything was over and done with and I could go back because McKenna was a little slow waking up. Once I was back there I was happy to see that a nurse was rocking her and she wasn't just laying upset in a bed. She was groggy and fussy but once we gave her a bottle, she melted into my arms and fell asleep. When her bottle was Finished we were released to go home and from then on McKenna has acted like nothing has happened at all.

After we got home we found out that Kevin got his tubes Dec 9th when he was just 10 months old the exact same age as McKenna.

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