Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brooklyns Christmas Program

Thursday Brooklyns school put on a Christmas program, for the few weeks leading up to it Brooke and I had been practicing her songs, she knew every word!! I thought foreshore my child would be the one belting out all the songs in utter perfection :)

All the kids came out and they had Brooke smack dab in the center GREAT!! Mommies little star... As the program started Brooke decides that she would rather dig for gold than sing, once she gets board with that she gives the poor boys halo in font of her a few flicks and looks around and board as ever. Keven was in the back with the big video camera so only have a few shots from my phone. but what you don't see is Brooke singing; blah blah blah (literally) then covering her ears with her hands lol yep that's my girl!

While it wasn't what i expected it was HILARIOUS to watch (my favorite part being the halo flicking) The best parts about kids are the unexpected.

This is the video from my phone, once we figure out how to upload the video from the camera i will update it.

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