Monday, November 12, 2012

Heard Museum

A few friends invited us to check out the Heard Museum and wildlife sanctuary. They had some animatronic dinosaurs displayed on the trails and I knew Brooklyn would love it! Lately dinosaurs have been on her list of favorite things along with Thomas the Train, Spider-man, and Fire trucks. (this girl needs some girls friends asap! haha)

About midway through we stopped to get pictures of the bigger kids, its tough to get them to sit still long enough to snap a picture, next year the we will have three more to chase around! All of these babies are growing up so fast!

 I may or may not have encouraged the kids to stick their heads in the tyrannosaurus mouth :)

This dilophosaurus was really neat not only did he make noise and move but he would spit water out of his mouth. Landon thought this was especially cool :)

The T-Rex!! The boys had a little spat over who got to stand next to Brooklyn, lol, the love stories of three year olds.
 After our short hike we checked out the indoor museum area, it was set up really nice with a few caged animals and a play area but after the hike and lunch the littles were ready to head home for a nap. Needless to say we will be back soon!

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