Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaycee

My littlest sister just turned 5!! The girls and I got to make a special trip to visit for her birthday. I was nervous about the 3 hour car ride alone with the girls, Mckenna does not like to be in the car, but both girls did great. McKenna slept the entire time, while Brooke and I talked until she too ultimately fell asleep.

Jaycee got a new horse for her birthday. Brooklyn fell in love with cinnamon and followed her everywhere.

Brooklyn got to ride cinnamon BAREBACK! While Jaycee walked her around. Brooke was very proud of herself and even less afraid than when she had the saddle on.

 Learning how to pick up and clean out a horses foot.

 That night we had our own little birthday party, complete with those "fun" whistle blow toys :)
McKenna enjoyed watching these two crazy girls running around! Then it was time from presents.

 Unfortunately to make it back in time we had to leave early in the morning but Brooke wanted one more ride on cinnamon, so granddad taught her how to climb into the saddle all by her self.

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