Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire Station Open House

Saturday Brooklyn and I met with some friends up at a fire station in rockwall, for an event that they were having. Brooklyn loves everything having to do with firemen and fire trucks, so I knew that she would have fun, but when we arrived they had several bounce houses and face painting stations set up, Brooklyn hardly knew where to run first!

Fireman Ben checking out the trucks! Ben LOVES everything fire, (he actually started brookes mini obsession)
 I would bet money that one day Mr. Ben will be a real fireman :)

Presley, Brooke, and Ben getting tattoos 

 Probably my favorite part of the day were the demonstrations. First up was a fire extinguisher demonstration (I now know that I need one for the house). My favorite demonstration was when they used the jaws of life and took off all the doors and roof of a car! Brooklyn was very concerned that their daddy would be very mad at them for that HA!

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