Saturday, August 4, 2012

Half Birthday Party

On Wednesday I hosted a half birthday play date at my house for McKenna and her many friends that are turning six months old this month.
Along with five six month old babies, we also had six three year olds. I love that both my girls had friends over to play with but man I was warn out by the end of the day ;)

The set up

The babies, I really slacked on taking pictures, but in my defense I had a house full!

The best of several tries to get everyone.

While the mamas and babies hung out the toddlers took over! lol



Story time.

 They are all so sweet? Maybe they will take a nap?

Err maybe not...

Definitely not ha!


  1. Love your couch :) Looks like so much fun! You are a great hostess!

  2. So cute! It looks like they all had fun. You did a great job!